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Lifehouse concert #10 - AAAAA!

Edit: I started my Lifehouse fan comic on May 1st, 2008, and later posted it to Smack Jeeves with regular updates.

Okay, okay. So, this concert was different from the others. It was at Kean University, New Jersey. I arrived around 3:15, and I found Mandi, Nora, Maureen, and Katelyn, but apparently there was assigned seating, (they told me) so there was no use waiting in line. I picked up my ticket from the box office, and we hung out for a while, walked around the campus, stalked Lifehouse by the back entrance of the theater. Eventually we saw them come out of their van. We just sat on the bench and they waved at us as they went into the building. Then we all went out to dinner at Applebee's. It was a much more relaxing experience than most. I wasn't all that excited about the show, but I was glad to be there. So we got our seats, and mine was in the 14th row - not what I'm used to at all, but this was my first seated concert. Fortunately, though, once the opening art started we could move up to occupy all the empty seats in the pit. So I ended up in the second row with a great view. I really enjoyed the concert - they played the same songs, but I still love them, and they did a really good job.

So after the concert we waited outside the back entrance to see if Lifehouse would come out, and they DID!!! I can't believe it. I thought they might just wave to the crowd and get into their van, but they came over with sharpies to meet us! There were a bunch of people lined up. Jason came over to the guys next to me and he was all excited to see them. Meanwhile I got Rick to sign my shirt. Then I said hi to Jason, and he said, "Hi, I know you. You're Sylvia, right?" And then I got him to sign my shirt, too. So then I went over to talk to Bryce, and I got him to sign my shirt, and he said "Hey, are you the one that draws all the cartoons?" I said, "Yeah, do you watch them?" The things I say when I'm starstruck. I wouldn't have said "watch" if I were thinking clearly. Anyway, he said he thought they were funny, and he wants to put a link to the website on the official Lifehouse website! This is big news. He said to send him a link on MySpace, so I'm about to do that now. Then I got Mandi to take a picture of me and Bryce, and she'll have to send it to me, because it's on her camera. While we were posing he referred to me as "the cartoonist." I didn't get a picture with Jason, but he was being swarmed, and I didn't want to bother him too much. Maybe someday.

So anyway, I'm really really happy about this. Not only that I got to meet Lifehouse officially, but that I didn't have to be conniving and creepy to do it; they came out to meet their fans of their own accord. That's why I love them. I always said they would if they really wanted to. My life is complete.


Wow, congratulations! Does this mean that you can't wear that shirt anymore, but have to frame it and hang it safely on your wall?!
I don't think so. I have to wear it so people can be like "You got it signed! That's so cool!"


I'm so happy for you! But I think your life isn't complete until they hire you to do the artwork on their next album :)

Yeah! That'd be so cool! Also I have another goal for my comic strip: about LH: BVB (the end of the blurb)
haha! that would be far too awesome! maybe, just maybe, they will....