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Lifehouse Concerts 14 and 15

Edit: I didn't include this in the original post, but after the Smoke & Mirrors release event, I put together a comic book of all my Lifehouse comics to give to the band at my next opportunity.

I was debating whether this counts as two separate concerts since it happened in one day, but everyone I talked to agreed that it did. Anyway, concert 15 is the Trenton concert of Lifehouse opening for Daughtry, which I bought a ticket to a few weeks ago. Concert 14 is PST's Live Lounge, which I just found out I was going to this past week.

I edited out some things here, but me and my friends met at the radio station for the performance.

So we all filed into the Live Lounge, this little room with these couch-bench thingies. As we were going in and taking our seats, Jason and Rick were already sitting there, and Jason was talking to us. I think he was talking to Mandi and Yuliya when they came in, and then he recognized Kramer and he said something to him and then he saw me and he was like "Hi Sylvia!" and I said hi to him. They only played two songs, and during the performance, Jason didn't look at us at all. It was weird to be in such an intimate space with them. They had no escape. They couldn't leave until the rest of us left. So after the concert, they said we could come out and stand in a line for the meet and greet thing. "Why would we want to leave?" I thought. "They're right HERE!" But I didn't say that. I knew we'd get to meet them, so we went out and went to the end of the line. Yuliya had put together this gift basket of stuff for all of the band members and we all signed our names to it. So when it was our turn to meet Jason and Rick, she gave them the gift, and they seemed really happy to see us again. And then "I was I have a gift too," because I still had the comic book. I gave it to Jason and I said, "Here, it's a comic book," He said "Thank you!" and gave me a hug, and then I said, "Make sure Bryce and Ben get to see it too." He said "I definitely will." One thing I noticed is he didn't mention anything about the comics themselves, like he wasn't like "Oh I love these comics!" So, for all I know, he still could hate them, like he does in the comics. Then we were talking about how to get photos. We were like, should we do it in one big group? Since we were the last ones in line and we weren't delaying anyone, we decided to get them individually. This is actually the first time I've gotten a posed picture with Jason. Katelyn took it for me. Oh, Jason asked us if we were all going to the concert tonight, and we said everyone except Mandi. So yeah, it's a good thing I bought that ticket. So after we all got photos with them - oh, I don't know what order this came in, but they signed a bunch of band pictures for us. I guess it was just part of the deal. Then we said goodbye and left. The whole experience just seemed so unreal. I could barely speak, my voice was all shaky. Then in the parking lot we saw them coming out and they waved to us as they headed toward their van. They took a while to get into their van and I kept looking at them and they just kept waving, so I kept waving back. It was kind of funny. Then I think their driver backed into a parked car and drove away. And that concluded Lifehouse concert #14. We went to Panera and hung out for a while before heading to the Sun National Bank Center.

Although it was much longer, I don't have much to say about concert #15. It was another opening concert, and my seat was further back than it was the first time. Although I did move forward about 3 rows because there was an empty aisle seat. It was nice. They played their usual set, I think. But they played Broken and Chris Daughtry came out to sing on that one. And since this was the last night of the tour (prank night), at the end of their set a whole bunch of orange ping-pong balls fell from the ceiling right onto the center of the stage. I think Bryce was crossing the stage and Jason said something like "watch out" into the microphone - maybe I'll see a video of it and see what actually happened. So, I left during Daughtry's set, but I stayed in the building so I could come back for the encore and see if anything interesting happened. I bought a T-shirt. I happened to check on Daughtry's performance from the back entrance, and I saw Lifehouse coming back onto the stage in costumes. So I zipped down the stairs and back to the aisle where I was before to get a better view of what was going on. Lifehouse and Cavo were all in Batman character costumes dancing around. I was glad I stuck around. Then I got to see Jason sing Home with Daughtry while I was down there (which he didn't do the first time I saw them). All In All, a great day. I was so happy I got to meet Jason and give him the comic book. I want to ask Bryce whether he actually did get to see it, though.