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Lifehouse Concert #5: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Edit: I'd like write a prologue to this entry, just to set the background. A few months ago, I made this simpsons drawing of Lifehouse (the userpic for this post). I made it my avatar on the official lifehouse website. Later I got a comment on it in my MySpace album, saying something like "so you're the original creator of this picture? cool." Then I looked in Lifehouse's official MySpace photo album, and there was my picture. It wasn't labelled, so I sent Lifehouse a message saying it was mine. A few days later, it had the caption "Photo by Sylvia." The following is my original documentation of the York College Lifehouse concert:

Okay, I just have to get this out before I go to bed. I'm still trying to believe what happened at the concert. I'll start at the beginning. The concert was in York, PA. A 2+-hour drive from home, further than I've ever driven for a concert. I was questioning whether it was really worth going, but tickets were cheap, so I decided to go. Little did I know... (suspense)(unless you were there)

Anyway, I got my spot near the front of the line. The tour bus was right around the corner, and I heard rumors that Lifehouse sometimes comes out after soundcheck. Every once in a while I'd walk around to see if there were any signs of Lifehouse. Lo and behold, there was Jason talking to a group of people. I went up to them, and I stood there speechless. Shortly afterwards, Jason left - he had to finish the soundcheck. I was kind of disappointed that I hadn't said anything to Jason, because I don't know if it counts as meeting someone if you just stand a few feet away from them for a few seconds and look at them. I thought maybe he'd come out after the concert, and maybe then I could talk to him, but it doesn't seem very likely these days. I thought of introducing myself as the one who made the Simpsons picture, just so he'd know who I was. But I didn't. So that was that, and I got back in line.

So we got our tickets and all, and I got to be in the FRONT ROW for the first time! That was exciting. I had been in second row behind Andrea, which was almost as good, at the Electric Factory. And so went the concert - it was great. I was singin' along, enjoying the Lifehouse, just like at concerts previous. But excited that I was finally in the front row. When suddenly...

Near the end of the concert, Jason was saying stuff into the microphone, like he sometimes does. He said (and I don't know of the exactness of the words) "So, I see some familiar people tonight," Looking around the room, and in my direction. He pointed at me. "I've seen you before," he said. "Are you the one who made the Simpsons picture?" I wasn't sure he was really talking to me, even though he was looking directly at me, but I nodded shyly, and said "Yeah." Jason continued, "I thought I recognized you. And your name is Sylvia, right?" Again I nodded. "How are you doing, Sylvia?" he asked. I don't think I could get any audible words out at this point, but I probably responded somehow. Then Jason proceeded to play "Better Luck Next Time."

It really caught me by surprise. I still wonder whether it really happened, or whether it's part of a dream that I'm still having. I always have dreams like that. Anyway, this was the best show I've ever experienced. I waited a little bit after the concert to see if anyone would come out of the bus, but I concluded that I was completely satisfied with the evening as it was, and I went home. Maybe someday I'll have an interaction with Jason in which I am not rendered speechless, but not today.


That's so awesome. I'm trying to imagine if a similar thing happened to me with Libera and I know I'd be totally blown away.
I love how you wrote this entry too, I can visualize the whole thing happening really clearly.
OH MY GOSH! Sylvia!!!

That is so fantastic! You didn't even have to say anything! How did he know it was you????

????? That's so cool!


The only think I can think of is that he recognized the various profile pictures I used when commenting on Lifehouse's MySpace blog.
Well you could always ask Lifehouse if it happened. LOL

Next time, don't be so shy!

Just something I thought of...

It occurred to me that if I had introduced myself to Jason before the show, then this whole shout-out thing - recognizing me out of the blue in front of hundreds of people - would never have happened. And the way it worked out was just so much cooler than any other way it could have happened.
That's so awesome!!!