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What is Lifehouse doing?

There are a lot of reasons why I love Lifehouse. One of them is that they make me feel like I'm an important part of their lives, even though I'm just one of their fans. Just one of their many fans, among so many others. And I'm not just generalizing and saying they have a way of making their fans feel loved (though it is true). It's almost as if they're trying to keep me - not just keep anyone's interest, but me in particular. They're stalking me at their computers, saying to themselves, "We wouldn't want to lose Sylvia's fandom. Let's single her out in some way that we haven't yet, and let her know that she's important to us." They've got me on a hook. This is their latest shenanigan:

A screenshot of Lifehouse's own MySpace page:
(edit: an image was here that doesn't exist anymore: A big Halloween banner of my Lifehouse comic displayed prominently on Lifehouse's MySpace page)

They never link fan sites from their MYSPACE page.

And I'm assuming it won't be there forever, partly due to the Halloweeniness of the banner, but I'm still pretty impressed, floored, tickled pink, flattered, etc. Lifehouse, with my luck you're probably reading this, so thanks. I approve.

Edit: they changed their MySpace layout since then, and the Halloween banner is not only still there, but very close to the top of the page!


So awesome Sylvia!
Awesome! You rock, Sylvia!