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Lifehouse Concert #12: The Release Event

Oh, boy, oh, boy. What a night. Where to begin. So, today (yesterday, actually) I went to Lifehouse's Smoke & Mirrors release event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. A concert and then an album signing. I guess I won't post the boring details about how the train got stuck on the way up, but I did get to New York City successfully, and eventually found my way to the Hard Rock Cafe, where I get to hang out with a whole gang of people that I hadn't seen in ages, and meet Skrappy for the first time in real life! (not in my dreams or online) We made it to the front row and there was no barricade - we were up against the stage itself, which made for some pretty up-close and personal views of the band when they came up to the edge of the stage. Sometimes I couldn't even see Jason's face because his arms (below it) were in the way. When they started performing, I was so happy to see them again, I couldn't stop smiling. It was such a fun concert. They only played a few of their new songs. Bryce kept smiling at me and one time he threw me his pick. I'm pretty sure he meant for me to have it because he looked at me before he threw it and then aimed it at me, and it fell onto the stage right in front of me. I was so happy! I was just talking (before the concert) about how I wanted to get a pick from one of them someday. On a side note (and this will become important later in the post), I was talking to Skrappy about how if I had known about this release event earlier, I probably wouldn't have bought a ticket to the Daughtry concert, because it's such a better deal in comparison. But what's done is done.

After the concert we waited for the signing. I wasn't sure how it was going to work, but they said to have our CD notes ready and they lined us up. There were a lot of people, and it looked like they were just going to rush us through the line just long enough to get autographs so we'd barely have enough time to say "hi" to the band. And that was what I had been expecting. I'm going to describe the signing in more detail than the concert because I want to remember what everyone said: There were three band members at the table because Rick was sick. (Poor Rick) It was Jason, then Bryce, then Ben. When I came up to the table in the line, some guy took my CD booklet so he could give it to the band to sign, so I guessed they were trying to be as efficient as possible. I went up the the table and I said "Hi, Jason." Jason said "Hey, Sylvia. How are you?" and he stood up and gave me one of those awkward over-the-table hugs. This was the first time Jason's ever hugged me. I said "good. I love the new album." He said, "Yeah? What's your favorite song on it?" I said "All In," but I meant to say "Falling In." Oops. He said, "You think All In should be the next single?" I said "Yeah." I do really like that song, anyway. I also mentioned that I've only heard the album twice, but I don't remember when. He asked me if I was going on any of the shows on the Daughtry tour, and I said yeah, I was going to the Newark one. He said, "Well, it's good to see you." I said, "Yeah, you too." Moved on. Now, here's where my side note from earlier becomes important: after I talked to Jason I thought, it's a good thing I bought that ticket to the Daughtry concert. If Jason asked me if I was going to any concerts on the Daughtry tour and I had to say no, I'd feel like a failure. Anyway, back to the signing. Next I talked to Bryce. I said, "Hi, Bryce." He said, "Hi." I said, "Thanks for the pick!" He said "I thought I hit you with it," or something weird I don't remember or couldn't hear. Then he said, "You're Sylvia, right? And you do those comics?" (second time Bryce has mentioned them) "Yeah," I said. He said, "I put up a thing on MySpace about them." (referring to the Halloween banner that just got taken off) "I know, but you took it down," I said. "Oh, our label did that," he said. I said, "Well, it was the Halloween banner." Bryce said, "You should send me another one on MySpace, I'll put it back up." "Okay," I said. Then I went to talk to Ben. "Hi Ben," I said. I think he asked me my name, and I said "Sylvia." Bryce was like "She's the one who does those comics." (Bryce must love the comics) Ben was like "Oh, yeah. I know, I'm just not very good with names." I said, "Well, I've never talked to you before." And then some security guy came pulling me away. And that was it.

I'd say it was a success, considering that was the first time I actually held a conversation with Jason, the first time he tried to hug me, the second time Bryce brought up my comics when he saw me, the first time I talked to Ben, and I came home with a signed copy of Smoke & Mirrors and a pick from Bryce that he practically GAVE to me. Oh, man, it's already 3 A.M. Good night.


Awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW!!!! I'm getting all smiley and excited for you just reading about it, so I can't imagine how you must feel! I'm glad your head didn't explode
Anna! You never called me! And you won't answer your phone. :(
Sorry! Didn't hear my phone ringing, and I got back pretty late (apparently around 3:00 am UTC, whatever that means). Is it too late to call you? Maybe I'll try it and see what happens.