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Jason Wade Dream

I had a weird dream this morning. I was waiting for Lifehouse to post their tour dates, and I went to see Jason in his office. Yeah, he had on office in my dream, and he was sitting at a desk. So I was asking him about the tour dates, and gave me a stack of papers and asked me if I could lay them out on the table by the hall for people to pick up. I guess sometimes fans stopped by to get information about the tour, and he wanted to make it easily accessible. It was weird - like the internet didn't exist or something. I looked at the papers and they had all the tour dates written on them. I was like, wow, I can't wait to actually look at them and see when they'll be near me! So after I laid them out on the table, I went back to Jason's desk to tell him I was finished, and I wanted to stay there and talk to him, but I didn't know whether I should just leave him alone to do his work. That's when the dream changed.