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Lifehouse Dream, Jason on Twitter

So, recently Jason Wade just started owning Lifehouse's Twitter account, which used to be controlled by Bryce. It's really nice to hear from him. His tweets are like snippets of the essence of the blogs he used to write on MySpace. Except with a lot more Chuck Norris. Last night he posted a tweet about how he's been reading stories of how his music has touched people's lives, and they inspire him, so he wants us to keep posting them. One thing I love about Jason - he gets bombarded lots with fan tweets every hour, and he seems to love it - he often replies to people, so we know he's reading them.

I had a dream this morning that I was at a Lifehouse concert. And lately I've been having a lot of dreams about waiting in line at a concert, standing at the stage waiting for the band, being late, etc. But this was an actual dream about a concert. And it was the first concert on the Smoke & Mirrors tour, so anything could happen. Lifehouse brought out a bunch of stage antics they'd never done before. Rick started dancing at one point, and it turned into some sort of animation that had to do with Breann. I don't really get that part. Then Jason started singing a song that had something to do with something I said on Twitter last night. I don't know what it was, but it was the series of notes that proved it. And I was so excited that they had used something from something I said! They were talking to us during the concert, and there was this big empty space between the audience and the stage (because we were in seats) and Lifehouse came down from the stage into that space to interact with the fans. It was an incredible experience. After the concert was over, I was just sitting on the floor, coloring in a book or something, talking to the band members while they were taking stuff down from the concert. The best part of it was that it was an amazing dream, but I didn't wake up disappointed that it was only a dream. The excitement and awesomeness was still with me. Probably because I actually got through the whole concert for once, and I got to fully enjoy it.