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You are the only exception

This might seem weird coming from me, but in general, I don't like concerts. How have I been to enough concerts to know this? I've actually seen a lot of different bands opening and one headlining just through seeing Lifehouse so many times. While standing through opening bands, I always just want them to be over. And maybe that's just because I'm so impatient so see Lifehouse, but I did decide to watch Daughtry headlining after Lifehouse and and I had that same feeling. I guess I only stuck around for so long because I thought maybe Jason would come back out at the end. And maybe it's because when I see a band that's touring with Lifehouse, it's never a band that I actually like.

Well, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Switchfoot. I thought they were awesome last night. But there were times during when Switchfoot was performing, when I felt like I was just waiting for it to end. Why does this happen with a band I love so much, and that puts on such an great performance? Well, It made me realize a few things about why I love Lifehouse so much, and the little things about their concerts that I take for granted for lack of comparison.

One thing that set the bar for this concert, is that it was my first real Switchfoot concert, so the experience I had to compare it to was my first Lifehouse concert. You probably know the story about my 5th Lifehouse concert, where Jason recognized me. Well, at my first Lifehouse concert, the first time I ever saw Lifehouse, I remember Jason looking at me and smiling at me just like he recognized me. Maybe I was smiling the whole time, I don't remember, but when I walked into that first Lifehouse concert, I was worried. I thought, "I'm not a concert person - what if I don't like it?" And I don't know what Lifehouse did exactly to grab my attention so wholeheartedly and make me want them to not ever stop playing. It's hard to explain.

One thing that I'm noticing the more I see other bands - often their music is so loud and distorted, I can't even hear the notes. All I hear is this loud noise, and it seems like every note is in the same ridiculous pitch. When Lifehouse performs, I can actually hear the music. I can actually hear Jason singing. Another thing - and this is a more subtle thing that, I don't know, maybe it's just my own perception. When most bands perform, their goal is to put on a good performance - to impress the audience. And I think despite a lot of bands' interactive stage antics, Lifehouse is one of the only ones I've seen that actually tries more to connect with their audience while performing than to impress them. Not only to impress them, but to be impressed by them. And the way they do it seems so genuine and quiet, just like my own approach to life. So, I can't help feeling like I'm right there with them, not just watching them. And I'm sure every band has their own way of connecting with the audience that just doesn't resonate with me. I don't like it when opening bands try to get you all hyped up and make you do stuff. Like if I want to get into the music, I will because I like the music, not because you told me to. I mean, I guess it works for most people. I dunno, it just makes everything seem fabricated. I don't think Lifehouse ever asks for much from their audience. Occasionally they have to ask people to stand up, but that's the least you can do, if your legs work. Yeah, so, all the things I don't like about concerts, and still, a Lifehouse concert is the ultimate experience.