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Lifehouse concert #17: Frostburg

So, yesterday I went to see Lifehouse at Frostburg university. This is the furthest I've ever traveled for Lifehouse - the place is a 4 1/4 hour drive from me. And this is one of those concerts where I kept changing my mind about whether I could justify going, and whenever I decided not to, I felt this terrible feeling in my stomach. So, I concluded that this concert was an important one not to miss.

I met up with Sam, who drive us most of the way. And this was the first time I had met her, but I thought we got along swimmingly. Haha. When we got there we met Christine and her friend, who told us Lifehouse was about to get here, and showed us the entrance where they come in. So we went outside, and just that minute, we saw a white van pull up. I looked in the windows, and sure enough, there was Lifehouse. "There they are," I said. And as they started getting out, the other girls sat down behind the wall, so Lifehouse couldn't see them. I was a little confused, but I was in plain sight, so Lifehouse came over and said hi. I didn't know who to respond to because all four of them were there at the same time. But I think I said hi to them. Bryce asked me how I was, and I asked him, and then he asked me if I live around here. I said no, we drove like four hours to get here. So then Sam asked if we could get pictures, so Jason was like "yeah" and everyone was getting pictures with him. I'm not sure what was happening at this point, it gets a little blurry. I think Jason said I should get a picture with him next, and I was like, "I don't have a camera. I have my.." And then the others said they'd get the picture for me. So I stood next to Jason, and I was looking over at the rest of the members of Lifehouse who were just standing off to the side and I was thinking, "Why don't they get in the picture too?" But I didn't say anything. The whole thing just happened. Then Bryce was hanging around and he asked me how the comics were going. "Good," I said. And then I said, "Actually not very well. I'm running out of video blogs." And Bryce said, "Well, I'd make more, if they'd let me." I didn't know what he meant by that. "You should make a comic about that," he said, or something I couldn't really hear. Then I asked him if he got the book I gave Jason and Rick. He said, "Yeah, we read the whole thing. It's awesome (or something) You're very talented." "Thanks!" I said. Then they all went inside.

Later we met Cori, who said she got to meet Lifehouse too. That was exciting. So then it was time for the concert. We had 2nd row seats on the end, but they were actually off to the side of the stage, since the stage was so small. I think they had the same set as they did in Europe, with the same little acoustic-request bit that Rick interrupts during The End Has Only Begun. I really enjoyed it. Bryce gave us some smiles.

So we were driving home, and I was thinking, "wow, Bryce told me I'm very talented." And then I got a text from Cori that said, "Sylvia!!! Bryce says your cool, chill, and he wonders how you can read their minds!" I read it and I was like what. I was really confused - I couldn't fathom the idea that Bryce talks to other fans about me. After everything that happened, I still couldn't get myself to believe this one thing. I kept thinking, "well maybe she meant it some other way." I was just a little crazy, though. Then Cori said she was just talking to Bryce for a while, and she started talking about the comics, and Bryce started talking about how cool I was. Wow. I mean the night was already amazing, but that was just the cherry on the icing. Now, I still don't know what the mind-reading thing was about. I don't know what Bryce is talking about, 'cause I can't even read his mind when he's talking.


Sweet! I'm glad you had a good time :D