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When I woke up I didn't remember right away, but I had this series of Lifehouse concert dreams. I only remember bits and pieces. In the first one it was like a small acoustic concert. Jason was just sitting in a chair playing songs, and he might have been taking requests, I don't remember. But at one point the other band members were doing stuff, and Jason was back in the audience, sitting by this little girl who had tattoos all over her. He accidentally bumped into her and she started bleeding. Jason was like, "oh, sorry, I forgot!" Then Jason sang "You Belong to Me" at the end. Apparently there was an encore, but I had left and I didn't realize, so I was trying to get back to the stage, and I had to climb up all these buildings because I didn't want to waste time scurrying around the stairs and hallways. And then the room for the concert was so small that I couldn't get in, I could only stick my finger in there, and everyone was tiny. Then later I was another concert where there was a stage. It was still just Jason, but someone requested a song and Jason said, "should I just do this one acoustic, or bring out the other guys?" Everyone said bring out the other guys. So Jason went to get the rest of the band, and then they said that if they had the whole band there, the fans were only allowed to come up to a certain point, because otherwise it was a fire hazard. I guess it was because they were using electric instruments. I'm sure there was more, but that's all I can remember at the moment.