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Lifehouse Concert #19: The Ridiculous Philadelphia Incident

So, today was the first time I saw Lifehouse in the same place again - at the Electric Factory. Yup. It was pretty awesome. I somehow managed to get into the front row, right between Jason and Bryce, even with the VIPs who got in early. Speaking of VIPs, one of my friends who got the VIP gave me their autographed poster! Now I have something that's signed by all four band members. Anyway, the concert was awesome and all.

Soooo, during the acoustic bit, Jason was taking requests. I was thinking of trying to get him to play All In All, but I can't shout loud enough. We always talk about how Jason plays the same songs, and it's like he doesn't even listen to the requests, and he plays Everything even though that comes later in the set. So he was listening and he said, "Take Me Away?" and we were all like, yes, he's going to play something different! And then he was like, "Oh, no, Everything?" Haha. Yeah.

So, after he played Everything, he looked at me and said, "What do YOU want to hear, Sylvia?" I couldn't believe it. I tried to say All In All, but I couldn't speak loud enough, so Sam helped me. I think he got it, because he said, "All In All?" And then he started playing the chorus of the song, looking at me the whole time. After he finished, he said, "That's for you, Sylvia," or something. Fortunately we'll know what the exact words were because Yuliya got the whole thing on video! I'll post that later, I hope.

I just can't believe Jason would do that again. I would have thought a fan only gets one name-specified stage shout-out per lifetime. And not only that, I got a song dedication. Of my choice.

Anyway, When Jason sang Falling In, I was really excited about it, I couldn't stop smiling, and he kept looking at me and smiling. I think he was amused by my amazement.

Edit: It wasn't exactly the way I remembered, but here it is: 2 minutes in.