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Lifehouse Dreams

I had a couple of Lifehouse dreams this morning. In the first one, I was going through all my old Buffy stuff, and I came across a soundtrack that contained a whole copy of No Name Face. I was going to give it away, since I already have another copy, but I found this insert in it that was signed by all the 2001 members of Lifehouse, and it had personal messages to me from each of them, and a general message saying that they loved the songs I sent them. I was like weird, why don't I remember this? I must have been a bigger fan than I remembered back in 2001, and I sent them some songs. I was suddenly really excited because I had found these old messages that Lifehouse had sent to me!

The second one I was at some event that Lifehouse was supposed to be at, but it wasn't a performance, it was something else. I don't know what it was. Anyway, I was standing outside, and I saw Lifehouse going in, and I stopped Jason because I wanted to thank him for what he did for me at the Electric Factory. Then he started explaining that when he first did it, he thought I was someone else, and he made a deal with some other fan that he would take her song request, and he thought I was her at first, but then realized I was me and just went along with it. I wasn't really disappointed, because he seemed so open about it, and he didn't regret it, and I wasn't very surprised, either. Then I went to go look for Bryce so I could tell him something, but he looked like he was always headed somewhere, so I just followed him around for a while until he didn't look busy. Then I said something to him, but he was just like, "Oh, that's cool." like he wasn't really paying attention and he was about to leave so he could get back to what he was doing.