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20 things to do when bored, part 4

1. Find out who put the bomb in the bom shabom.
2. Design a pair of high-heeled gloves.
3. Make oatmeal.
4. Fractalize the alphabet.
5. Microwave different things until something explodes.
6. Go microwave shopping.
7. Learn to speak braille.
8. Put your sister's hand in warm water.
9. If she resists, tell her it's for an experiment, then see how long she'll keep it there.
10. Go bounty hunting.
11. Use the word "stark" as a common adverb to describe a variety of things.
12. Get a hug from Taylor Swift.
13. Whenever you say more than 3 words, first ask your foot for permission to speak.
14. Give someone a nickel whenever someone tells them a certain cliche.
15. Titrate your coffee.
16. Write a pig latin dictionary for blondes.
17. Invent a can-string phone and complain to the phone company about bad reception.
18. Keep a list of the funniest things to say, and only say them when someone is taking a sip of their drink.
19. Talk only in palindromes for a day.
20. Build a gingerbread model of the Eiffel Tower.