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Lifehouse concert #20: Fox & Friends

So, I went to another Lifehouse event that was this morning at 7:30 in New York at Fox News. I got there at 5:30 AM, and there was no line at the stage, but I'm glad I got there early because Lifehouse was doing their sound check! So I joined Christy and some of her new friends to watch it. A sad story that I never shared publicly before is that I lost the pick that Bryce had given me at the Smoke & Mirrors release concert. It wasn't that I was careless about it, but I thought it might be cool to bring it back to a concert and get Bryce to sign it. So I brought it back to New York last fall, but I didn't get it signed, and when I got home, it was gone. So, anyway, Christy was really nice and she asked Bryce for another pick for me, so now I have one again!

Jason came out to take pictures after the sound check, and Christy and I got a picture with Jason. We had one of those moments where the person taking the picture took a while and had to ask about the camera, so Jason and I were just standing there half-hugging for a couple of minutes. And I got to thank Jason for singing All In All for me! Which I wanted to do ever since he did it. He chatted with us for a few minutes, but I always get these weird blackouts about what they talk about. And then, Vicky called us and said that she saw us, me and Christy, on TV, talking to Jason! The event was televised on Fox News, and apparently we got a lot of air time because we were in the front row! I was excited, because I've never been on TV before! Haha. But also, Lifehouse was awesome. They played a few songs, and Jason talked about the marriage proposal that he did to a guy at a concert!

So, after the show me and Christy and some other friends that I just met went to go hang out and get food, and we randomly spotted Jackson Rathbone in Times Square! He was on the phone, and my friend really wanted to talk to him, but we hesitated and after a while he left. So I had a pretty awesome time. Totally worth waking up at 2:30 AM.