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Dream: Lifehouse and the stolen page

I had a weird dream this morning. I was going to a Lifehouse concert, and I was with some friends, and one of them thought she found a page of lyrics that Jason Wade had written, so she took it and gave it to me, thinking that I would appreciate having it. The whole time I was there, I felt kind of bad and guilty about having that page, because I thought maybe Jason needed it. I was also afraid he was going to find out.

It was a concert where there was only one row of people standing at the stage, and I was in the row, and everyone else was sitting down way further back, in the rows of chairs or on the floor in front of them. I noticed I was wearing a shirt that was supposed to say Lifehouse but it was somehow cut off and it only said "Lifehi." I don't know how that makes sense, but it did in the dream. I was thinking "how did this happen? Oh well." So Jason wade was playing some music but he was mostly talking to the fans. He wanted us to sing a song without instruments so he could see if we could hold a tune without going out of key.

After the concert I was talking to the band members, and they were talking about pieces of paper and stuff, and I was so afraid that the missing sheet that I had was going to come up, and like, I didn't want to bring it up, because I wasn't sure that the person who stole it for me would want me to say anything. But later I decided I wanted to return it, so I was talking to Jason later, and it was just the two of us, and I was afraid of how he was going to react. I handed him the piece of paper and I was like, "she took this, I think maybe it belonged to you." And he was like, "Did I write this?" I was thinking how would I know? But anyway, he didn't seem upset at all, so it was cool.