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Prejudiced Against Herbal Tea

I've always said that I don't like herbal tea, and I'm finding that I don't dislike it so much, although in general I like black and dark white teas better. It wasn't that I was repulsed by it, I just always thought it tasted boring, like water. But I think one of the major reasons why I thought that was because I always added cream and sugar to my black tea, and I thought herbal teas were "supposed" to be drunk plain. Of course, a lot of fruit herbal teas don't mix well with cream, they curdle it. But other common tea herbs like honeybush and chamomile actually taste good with cream, I recently discovered. I still don't like rooibos, and maybe that's one reason why I have that prejudice against herbal teas. I think rooibos is a very common herb used in herbal tea blends.

Sometimes I think people will think it's weird that I add cream to almost every kind of tea. But hey, I know someone (you know who you are) who used to add milk to her fruity tea, and drink it that way, even though the milk curdled. So really, there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's, right? Or drink tea... This whole thing relates to this post I read a while back about tea and "should" statements.