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Lifehouse Concert #22: Mix106 Philadelphia

So, remember a while ago when I talked about getting into the PST Live Lounge to see Lifehouse? It was an agonizing, anxious process, but I got in. A few months ago I told myself I wouldn't do that again - I wasn't going to call radio stations in a panic, chasing after these precious exclusive intimate Lifehouse performance passes. After all, I've already experienced that whole thing before.

So the passes to this next event just kinda fell into my hands by accident. Mix106 was like "Tweet this, and follow us." So I did, and next thing I know I get an e-mail saying I won. And most of my fan friends had won too. And Lifehouse had re-treeted it, so I figured there were going to be tons of people there if it's that easy to get into. It turned out to be only a small room full, and the event was a lot like the Live Lounge, except there was also a period where they asked the audience for questions. I ended up in the front row off to the left, the side where Jason was sitting. They first played Somewhere In Between, which I don't think I've ever seen them perform before (in person) but it's one of my favorite songs! So that was cool.

By the way, this whole thing was being recorded and live steamed to the entire world (or anyone who wanted to watch it on the station's website, anyway). The radio DJ's did some interview-chatter in between songs, and they asked the audience for a few questions. I didn't have any questions prepared, so I didn't raise my hand. I hoped some of my friends would have good questions to ask. Someone asked if they were going to record the song Angeline, which I thought was cool because I like that song, and Jason was surprised that she knew it. I was like "I love that song!" And then (this part is a little confusing because what I thought happened wasn't what really happened when I watched the livestream again) Jason looked at me and he was like, "You do? Oh, thanks you!" And at the same time Bryce said, "Hey, Sylvia, how are you?" And the DJ's cut him off before I could respond, so they could get more questions from the audience. What I thought happened at the moment was that Jason said all of it, instead of Bryce. I guess I was a little out of it, haha. And I was thinking, wow, Jason just said hi to me on a live stream that who knows how many people in the world are watching right now.

So after the performance we got to get pictures with the band. That was cool. I was wearing my green stenciled Lifehouse shirt, and I unzipped my sweater so they could see it, and Bryce commented on it when he saw me, and asked if I made it. Then Jason and Rick gave me hugs, and Dara and I posed for a photo with them. I don't know if Bryce is less comfortable with hugging people, but he always goes in for a handshake, and he's never hugged me, whereas Jason has hugged me every time he saw me the last several times.


All in all, it was an awesome event. Well worth the tweet.