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Reaction to Lifehouse's "Almeria"

So, Lifehouse's newest album, Almeria, recently came out. After hearing mixed reactions from fans, from being sorely disappointed to loving it, I was curious and didn't know what to expect.

I'm not quite sure how to sum up my reaction to it, but most notably, I would say there's a stark contrast between how much I like the individual songs. They're much more different that usual - from each other, and some from anything Lifehouse has done before. And that's kind of cool in some ways. I'm always interested in seeing how Jason Wade does in different genres from his norm. But it also has the downside that some of these songs are so outside of the norm that I don't like them at all. At least not now. I can no longer say that Lifehouse's music is so consistent that I like all of it.

Maybe that's a small loss compared to how much I like some of the other songs. My favorite is Where I Come From, which doesn't seem so different, but definitely has a unique quality to it, and I can't put its appeal into words. And I feel similarly about Only You're the One and Nobody Listen.

One song that stands out to me is Pins and Needles. That song is pretty different from anything Lifehouse has done before, but not extremely different. It's the kind of song I've always wanted Lifehouse to create. It's interesting, somewhat unpredictable and weird, but it's catchy and it still has a familiar emotional hook to it. I want Lifehouse to make more songs like this one!

There are lots of other songs on the album that range from emotional pop-sounding to hard rock/western. I just can't warm up to songs like Right Back Home, although all the fans I've talked to seem to love it. All in all, I think it's cool that they're experimenting with different styles. I absolutely love most of the album, and I love the edge that the deviation adds to a lot of the songs.